Fundraise with wine

Fundraising Wine

Sick of selling chocolates to raise funds for your charity, sporting group or school?

You can now turn it up a notch, and fundraise with WINE!


We design a customised label showcasing your brand/fundraiser/group etc.

The label can then be ordered on a Cofield Red, White or Sparkling Wine.

The bottles are sold for $20 each, and your group will make a profit of $8 per bottle.

You promote the fundraiser to your people, and they then order the wines direct from our Say it with Vino website. Their order will then be sent direct to their chosen address (at their cost).

We track the sales of the fundraising wines and provide a regular update on how many orders have been placed, and therefore the funds raised.

At the end of your fundraising period, we simply transfer the net profit from all the sales to your group.



To get started with your fundraiser, please complete the below form. If you have any queries, you can contact us at or 02 6033 3798.

Fundraising Wine

Fundraise with wine